Emerald Viewer Clear Up (New TOS)

This is reposted from THIS livejournal posting in the Second Lifers group by vixynne.

Post starts here:

Emerald TOS Update–Xposted to “Alternative Viewers Status”
Okay, so. I’ve been following some of the SL blog posts regarding whether or not Emerald Viewer will be considered a violation of the new TOS as of April 30. I’m not a fan of the 2.0 Viewer, and I would hate to give up Emerald, but there’s no way I’d want to face perma-ban simply for logging in on it once the new TOS kicks in.

After reading post after post, some seeming to say “it’s not a big deal” and others proclaiming that the sky is about to fall, I decided to go to the horse’s mouth–so to speak. Since I’m a premium member, I realized LiveChat is an option (in a flash of uncharacteristic non-blondeness). The following is a transcript of my conversation with the LiveChat representative. I’m hoping it helps to clear up some of the Chicken Little-ish panic.
Please feel free to share and cross post wherever you feel it would be helpful to do so!

***********TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS****************

[11:54 AM] Mel: Ok Vixynne what is your exact question regarding Terms Of Service?
[11:55 AM] Vixynne: I would like to know if the new Terms of Service will disallow Residents from accessing Second Life via the Emerald Viewer.
[11:56 AM] Mel: No it will not stop using Emerald Viewer, however Second Life do not support any technical issue while using Emerald Viewer.
[11:57 AM] Vixynne: So I won’t be banned for using Emerald Viewer–there are several vicious rumors to that effect going around. 🙂
[11:58 AM] Mel: You will not be banned for using Emerald Viewer we just will not support any issues while you use Emerald Viewer.
[11:59 AM] Vixynne: Thank you so much for your help, Mel, I appreciate it! That’s all I wanted to know.
[11:59 AM] Mel: So there is nothing else I can help you with?
[12:00 PM] Vixynne: No, thank you, you’ve answered my question thoroughly.
[12:00 PM] Mel: Enjoy the rest of your day.
[12:00 PM] Vixynne: Thanks, you too.

There you have it; in just about 5 minutes, I got my answer. *relieved sigh

Post ends here

Hope this helps clear up some things.



2 Responses to “Emerald Viewer Clear Up (New TOS)”

  1. 1 Destiny
    September 9, 2010 at 12:31 am

    lmao, try using it now

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